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Download The Gimp Magazine

The much awaited GIMP Magazine now released and available online. The first issue of GIMP Magazine contains more than 40 pages of tutorials of GIMP, GIMP Experiences, reviews, previews and photos created with GIMP. The GIMP Magazine is now available free download. There is an online version of the magazine is available on ISSUU.

The GIMP Magazine is targeted to introduce GIMP as a professional image editing software for people. Already lot of people are  using GIMP for professional editing. In Kerala GIMP is included in their school syllabus and a photo editing competition is conducted by it@school every year for school students. There are 6.5 million downloads completed for GIMP 2.8 version. So GIMP got a large user base through various distros.

After the first release there is 10,000 downloads of the Magazine within 24 hours.

Download or View GIMP Magazine

View online at Issuu!
(free, no account necessary to view)
Direct Download PDF
Magnet Link Bit Torrent Download

Watch the Directors Cut, a 30 min YouTube video at www.youtube.com/steveczajka

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