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Download Elementary OS Luna Wallpapers Pack

The Next Elementary OS code named Luna is nearing its release. They comes with some awsome apps and desktop based on Ubuntu 12.04. The apps are based on Gnome 3.4. The desktop is called Pantheon, it is another themed desktop of gnome shell with a dock called Plank. The Plank is taken from Docky and coded by the creators of Docky. The top panel is called wingpanel and is now stable. Sling shot is the dropdown menu and application launcher with a search.

Switchboard is the new control panel from elementary os to tweak your elementary for your needs. Files is the file manager app which is the successor of Marlin and Nautilus Elementary. Scratch is the text editor app with awsome interface. Maya is the calender manager for Elementary OS. Also Noise is the music player and Midori is the web browser based on webkit.

Detailed screen shots are availble on Journal, the blog of Elementary OS.

The official elementary OS Luna wallpapers have been revealed today and you can download them right now. The pack comes with 22 gorgeous hi-resolution wallpapers which you can use to give a fresh look to your computer’s desktop.
elementary OS Luna wallpapers

Take a look at the wallpapers. They are awsome.

elementary OS luna wallpaper
elementary OS luna wallpaper
elementary OS luna wallpaper
elementary OS luna wallpaper
elementary OS luna wallpaper

You can download the whole pack from a single zip of 52.MB. Some of them are availble on Jupiter. Now that is the question when we get Luna? the official journal answers that when it is getting ready. There is no time frame for elementary os release schedule. When certain goals achieved then the next version will came. But it is not far away.

Download elementary OS Luna wallpapers (50.1 MB)

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