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Desktop Applications with HTML, CSS and Javascript – AppJS

Now a days everybody moving to cloud. But there are still lot of demand for desktop applications. Ubuntu started their call for developers for desktop in

Desktop applications have lot of advantages over web applications. They are more powerfull, speed, communicate with system, access filesystem easly, working in background process, integrated notifications, native interface, native application (no third party browser needed) etc..

But developing a Desktop application for all platforms is a real challenge. In every environment the languages, IDEs, Methodes are different. In linux a developer can use GTK+ or QT. But the learning curve is not shallow. Also for web developers this is a little more complex to develop apps for desktop.

AppJS  is an exciting app framework to develop desktop applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The project uses Chromium as the core (so that the latest HTML5 APIs are supported) and Node.js as the backbone. It is now in the early stages of development, Linux and Windows ports are functional and Mac part is not available yet.

AppJS is now available as a module on NodeJs. You need to install NodeJs before installing AppJS. Make sure you have the latest Node.js installed. Use npm (node’s package manager) to install AppJS.

$ npm install appjs

AppJS tries to install dependencies based on the platform you are working with.

Now you are ready to develop your first desktop application with HTML/CSS/JS! Create a file named app.js. Open it with your favorite editor and start coding.

Requirements: Node.js


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