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Create a bootable Ubuntu 10.04 USB drive from CD

Creating a Ubuntu 10.04 Bootable USB drive is a great Idea. Because you can boot into your own os in any computer Save Your files Work on it. Simply turn of the PC without any trace that you used that PC. Creating a Ubuntu 10.04 Bootable USB is not a complicat

e Process. I tried and got great result.

Required Components to create the Ubuntu 10.04 Bootable USB

1. A USB Drive min [1GB] [empty] Warnning All data in the USB Drive Erased.

2. UBUNTU 10.04 Live CD. [Or CD image iso file]

3. A Running Linux or Windows PC. with cd drive

4. The Essential and greatest Component UNetbootin

That is All .


Create an ISO File from the UBUNTU 10.04 Live CD. You can use Brasero for that.

Plug In your USB Drive.

Download the UNetbootin Component. for that go to http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/. There is a great guide how to install and use this component.

Then Run the UNetbootin [you need root access].

Select The disto [Ubuntu][Daily_live]

Select the ISO file.

Select the USB Drive . UNetbootin detect your USB Automaticaly.

Press OK

Take some time to format usb, extract files into usb, create the boot records

You can watch the process in the UNetbootin screen.

Then Finish.

Your USB Flash drive is ready.

reboot the PC. Go to Bios [Press DEL or F2 to go to Bios Setup]

Change Boot Order. [First Boot from USB Drives]

Then Boot in into the new USB Flash Ubunu Disk.

You can create as many disk and start a business to sale Ubuntu Boot Disks.

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  1. If I install ubuntu 10.4 on usb drive using above process, is there any kind of risk on the current windows installation Will I be able to use the m/c (windows) when USB drive is not attached to the m/c

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