Connect Remote Server in Nautilus using Key file – PEM file

Network servers in a data center. Swallow depth of Field

Connecting to Amazon EC2 by ssh is always using a keyfile something called MyEC2Key.pem. We are using

ssh -i ~/key/myserver.pem ec2-user@myser

command to connect remote server without password. It is quick with no passwords and the authentication is painless. But if you want to transfer some files to the server then also we can relay on the terminal ssh command or scp command. That is also working fine. And the real power of the terminal feel at the process of connect remote server.

Remote editing of some files in the server is a daily task for a sever administrator or a web programmer. And we have some good terminal editor like vim, nano, emacs etc.. But now a days a programmer is using sublimetext or atom or an IDE. The remote editing in the key file scenario is tricky.

Nautilus, the default file manager in gnome desktop, pacmanfm the file manager in openbox (I am using these two desktops) have the ability to mount a remote location into it using connect to server . If we can mount our remote EC2 then the editing of files is much more easier. We can use sublimetext or atom or gedit to edit those files. That is sweat.

How to mount remote ssh filesystem on nautilus ?

Network servers in a data center.

The solution is simple.

create a config file in .ssh directory. You can use your favourite text editor

gedit ~/.ssh/config

Then paste

Host myec2server
HostName myec2server.com (or IP Address of Server like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
User ec2-user
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/MyEC2Key.pem
Compression yes

save and exit

Now to connect using terminal the command is

ssh myec2server

on command line will connect to your remote amazon ec2 server without anyother info.

Open Nautilus. press Ctrl+L

there you can type ssh://myec2server

press enter.

Wow !! It will mount your remote ec2server into your nautilus. Now you can edit remote files and you can use the remote server as another folder in your computer. That is great.

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Reference 2

After all now a days programming is just googling stackoverflow and copy paste.

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