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Configure Backups in Ubuntu 11.10

Deja Dup is the default backup software available in Ubuntu 11.1o. It is very simple, robust and automatic backup tool. You can shedule the backups to a local or remote location. The GUI is not that much promissing but it is Very fast and do the work.

If you backup your valuable data then you are protected from various kinds of threats like Harddisk Crashs, Virus Programmes etc… If you keep a regular backup of mission critical data then it is more safe. Here we are going through popular backup softwares available in ubuntu 11.1o. Most of these softwares are available in most of the linux systems like fedora 16, Open Suse, Arch Linux, Debian etc.. The backup apps are Deja Dup, Back In Time, Flyback, luckyBackup (based on rsync) etc.

Deja Dup is one of the most popular backup application among Linux users. It comes as a pre-installed application with Ubuntu 11.10.  You just need to configure Deja Dup in ubuntu 11.1o to start working.  Just add what files/directories you want to backup? where do you want to backup all your data i.e locally or to a remote location such as Amazon Cloud, then select automatic backups if you want and finally click on Backup Now button to begin.It’s the best backup software for Ubuntu.

Backup Applications available in Ubuntu 11.1o

Back In Time

Back In Time is a simple and easy to use backup solution for Linux based OS such as Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, Linux Mint, etc. it creates backup of the specified files/directories in snapshots

To Install ‘Back In Time’ backup tool in Ubuntu 11.10

sudo apt-get install backintime-gnome

Lucky Backup

luckybackup is another backup tool with a set of advanced features. It is based on rsync protocol. It is very simple to use, fast, reliable and fully customizable for your needs. Lucky Backup available in package repository.

To Install Luck Backup in Ubuntu 11.10 type the following command in the terminal.

sudo apt-get install luckybackup


Flyback is backup tool, which looks and feels like Apple’s Time Machine. Flyback is providing a nice GUI for the technology underlaying the backup. FlyBack is hosted in code.google.com  download from here . You can download the debian package for Ubuntu 11.1o. Just open the deb file with ubuntu software center to install FlyBack.

Or you can just type command to install

sudo dpkg -i install package_name_goes_here.deb

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