Compiz Fusion

Compiz fusion is a great 3D desktop utility. You can Amaize your friends with this tool. Also compiz provide a fresh working environment in linux. Some essential keyboard shortcuts are needed to work with compiz. Just sharing some compiz fusion keyboard shortcuts here.

Desktop Effects1Keyboard Shortcuts
Rotate CubeMousewheel on Desktop
Switcher2Alt + Tab
Shift Switcher3Super + Tab (2 modes: flip and cover)
Ring SwitcherSuper + Tab – overrides Shift Switcher
ExpoSuper + E (toggle)
Film EffectCtrl + Alt + Down Arrow4
Rotate Cube ManuallyCtrl + Alt + Left Mouse Button
Scale WindowsAlt + Shift + Up Arrow
Show/Clear DesktopCtrl + Alt + D (toggle)
Snapping WindowsMove a window across workspaces5
ScreenshotSuper + Left Mouse Button
Zoom In/OutSuper + Mousewheel
Transparent WindowAlt + Mousewheel
Resize WindowAlt + F8
Move WindowAlt + F7
Add HelperSuper + P
Widget LayerF9 (toggle)
Water EffectsShift + F9 (toggle)
Fire Effects: OnSuper + Shift + Left Mouse Button
Fire Effects: ClearSuper + Shift + C
Annotate: DrawSuper + Left Mouse Button
Annotate: StartSuper + 1
Annotate: EndSuper + 3
Group: Select Window(s)Super + S
Group: Group WindowsSuper + T
Group: Ungroup WindowsSuper + U
Group: Flip WindowsSuper + Right or Left Arrow

1 Effects have to be enabled to see results.
2 To see the full effect, have multiple windows or programs open.
3 To configure: Go to Advanced Desktop Effects Settings.
4 Use left and right arrow thereafter to move to workspaces.
5 Disables Wobbly Windows.

Some effects will disable others. For example, the Desktop Wall will disable the Desktop Cube, Snapping Windows will disable Wobbly Windows and many more.

The Super Key is the key near left ALT key with a waving flag. Reffered from Ulyssesonline.

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