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Chamba Swathanthra Cinema – India’s First Open Movie from Kerala

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After the Release of Sintel, The Latest Open Movie from Blender Foundation there is a small project started growing called Chamba Swathanthra Cinema Project from Kerala, India. It is the first Open Movie Project from India. It is heavily inspired from Blender Foundations Open Movie Projects. The project is initiated from Free Software Users Group Trivandrum.

About Chamba Swathanthra Cinema Project

From the Website

Chamba project is an ambitious effort to create a Swathanthra (Free/Libre/Open) Animation Movie by pooling in contributions from people around the world and funding artists directly.

It is an initiative to experiment and explore a more collaborative and open approach to film making, aiming to be appealing, easy to be a part of and easy to contribute for hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals alike using FOSS tools, resources, and the power of social networking. “

The chamba project followed blender foundation model of naming project after a fruit,like Orange, Peach and Durian. Chamba is a fruit that is common in all over kerala.

The logo of chamba project is designed by Hiran Venugopalan, an active Free software activist in Kerala. The logo is a graphical drawing of the fruit.

Our creative team is,

Milad Thaha – Generalist
Zadeek – Texturing, shading, lighting, compositing
Kurian OS – Animation
Jishnu – Technical Direction
Hiran V – Graphics, Screenplay
Shaijo K K – Direction, Animation, Graphics, Modeling etc.
Deepak V – Animation, Graphics, Modeling ,Texturing
Om Prakash Varma – Storyboard, screenplay
Troy Yonemoto – Storyboard, screenplay
Vipul A M – Graphics, Modelling
Niyam Bhushan – any role we are short of people!
Rinesh Parayi – Modeling, Texturing, Animation.

Support Chamba Swathanthra Cinema Project

The project needs your help. You can support the project by signing a plege in PledgeBank.


Talk to your friends and try if you can get at least one more
person to pledge their support as well. Eventually we would
like to setup a foundation to coordinate and fund future
Swathanthra/Free/Libre/Open movies.

Join Chamba Project

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PS: We made a screening of Sintel in Chithrasala Film Society Angamaly on Nov 17.

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