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Celebrating 20 Years of Linux – Milestones

It was 20 years gone after Linus Torvalds posted his hobby project, the linux kernal to the world. Through all these 20 years linux grown from a hobby project to industry changing Operating system with GNU. Now it is everywhere. In Supercomputers, Desktops, Embedded systems, satelites, mobile phones everywhere. around 85% of webservers are ruled by Linux. Also it works with governments, restaurents, airlines etc…Check 50 places where linux running successfully.

The Linux foundation is celebrating 20 years of linux. You can check out the official anniversary site for details. You might also enjoy the commemorative infographic and video (titled The Story of Linux and featuring Richard Stallman in a cameo as St. IGNUcius) we’ve included below. Take a moment to look them over, and in the comments, reminisce with us about your Linux experiences over the years. I can still remember my first Red Hat box from early 2000…

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20 Years of Linux. A Short Video

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