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CSS 3 Buttons – Rounded, Pill, Square, Circle – Buttons.css

Buttons.css is a css library for helping to create awsome CSS3 Buttons. It includes predefined shapes of Circle Buttons, Pill Buttons, Square, Block etc.. It is built with Sass + Compass and has support for square, rounded or circular buttons that can be flat or not. Button.css having custom effects […]

Realtime Tooltips and Progress of Forms – Progression.js

Progression.js is a jQuery plugin that gives users real time tooltips and progress updates on filling up forms. This tool realy increase the interactivity of large forms like Registration, Create event etc.. The tooltip will travel with user and it indicated the percentage of completion of the form before submitting. […]

Font for Weather Icons : Forecast Font

Forecast Font is a web font provided exclusively from weather Icons. It can have a nice level of customization for single color weather icons or multicolor. You can scale up it to any level without any problem. Forecast font you have all the flexibility to colour, style or even animate […]

Least.js Jquery Image Gallery with Pinterest like layout

Least.js is a Jquery Image Gallery Plugin with Pinterest like Layout. It creates Responsive HTML 5, CSS3 Gallery without a hazzle. Lazy loading is incorporated into this Plugin. When click on an image the bigger version will load on the top. A feature like google image search. Download least.js or […]

Pure – Bootstrap Like CSS Framework From Yahoo

Pure is a fresh New and Feature rich CSS Framework created by Yahoo!. It is an integral part of YUI Library. But it can be used as a stand alone CSS framework with no javascript. It is defenitly a good alternative for twitter bootstrap. Pure is a  responsive layouts  Framework. […]

Responsive Jquery Slider – Unslider –

Unslider is a very small jQuery plugin (<1kb minified and gzipped) for sliding any HTML content in a website. Unslider is a Responsive Jquery Slider Plugin. It adapts to responsive layouts out-of-the-box and arranges itself automatically if the size of each slide is different. The slides can be browsed with the […]

Jquery Plugin for Dynamic Columns – Pinterest like UI

Wook Mark is a jquery plugin to easly create dynamic columns. The dynamic column grid layouts is a great way of displaying content with different sizes. Whether it will be images or images with content of different sizes the columns will automatically adjusted its height and the overall page looks very […]

Javascript Tooltip Framework : Opentip

Tooltips are the nice part of a website. It makes forms active, intelligent and helpful to users. There are lot of nice javascript tooltip frameworks are available. Opentip is a very cool javascript tooltip library works with jQuery and Prototype. It works standalone also. So you dont have to load […]

CSS Tooltip Library Hint.css

Tooltips are one of the coolest part of a UI framework. Usually Javascript is used to make awesome looking tooltips. There are lot of plugins fro jQuery to make fantastic tooltips. But now we can make great tooltips using css only. Hint.css is a css library for making good tool […]

Jquery Image Slider with Text Animations – ayaSlider

ayaSlider is a Responsive Jquery image slider with caption animation. ayaSlider is a flexible jQuery slider plugin with a very simple usage and setup. It has some animation options like the easeIn/easeOut values, the delay between each slide and the prev/next selectors. By using options per slide you can customze […]

Admin Theme with Twitter Bootstrap – Charisma

Twitter bootstrap is a very nice framework from building resposive websites and templates. It reduces huge amount of development time for creating a responsive website that just works on all devices. Muhammad Usman made a nice Admin theme called Charisma based on Twitter bootstrap and jQuery UI. He released the […]

Change Chrome Font hinting in Gnome – Fedora,Ubuntu

The Google chrome browser or chromium browser is not always accepting the font hinting settings done is the gnome control center or gnome tweak tool. The result is all other application font hinting and google chrome browser, chromium browser font hinting are different some time. This lead to bad look […]