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Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Coming …

After Lucid Lynx the next Ubuntu Edition Coming. It is code named “maverick meerkat”. Ubuntu 10.10 will be with gnome 3.0 and more amazing features .This should also allow Ubuntu users to keep an eye and ear open for all the wonderful and exciting things being developed. The release schedule […]

Ubuntu 10.04 Compiz Fusion Keyboard ShortCuts

Compiz Fusion is a great eyecandy for Ubuntu 10.04. It changes the visual appearance a lot. Using Keyboard shortcuts you will get great effects on Ubuntu 10.04. Some of the following keyboard shortcuts will not work at all if Compiz (visual effects) if turned off. Here is a list of […]

Create a bootable Ubuntu 10.04 USB drive from CD

Creating a Ubuntu 10.04 Bootable USB drive is a great Idea. Because you can boot into your own os in any computer Save Your files Work on it. Simply turn of the PC without any trace that you used that PC. Creating a Ubuntu 10.04 Bootable USB is not a […]

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Post Installation Guide

This Guide is completely Copied from my-guides.net.¬† I am keeping this info for my reference because I am a frequent ubuntu installer I need this guide everyday. Ubuntu developers released the latest and greatest Linux OS codenamed Lucid Lynx with Long Term Support for two years. The new version loads […]

Ubuntu Linux and Avatar Film

Great kudos to Ubuntu Linux and Canonical for making a great linux distro. The distro is used to render avatar’s (the greatest james cameron film which telling the story of Na’vis in pandora planet) Visual effects and CGI. In Wikipedia article about avatar says To render Avatar, Weta used a […]

Install Ruby on Rails in Fedora 12 – Ubuntu 9.10

“How to install ruby on rails in fedora 12 ?” or “how to install ruby on rails in ubuntu 9.10 ?” is a question now a days because the importance of RoR is getting high. Installing ruby on rails into Fedora 12 / Ubuntu 9.10 is not complicated task. In […]

How to create a screencast in Fedora or Ubuntu – Record My Desktop

Screencasts¬† of your desktop are very useful in demonstrating programs and for video tutorials. “recordMyDesktop” is a very easy to use tool for creating screencast under linux. By using recordMyDesktop you can record a widow or the whole desktop with a single click. You can save the video as ogv. […]

Ubuntu 10.04 Code Named Lucid Lynx Announced

After the great release of 9.10 Mark Shuttleworth announced the next release of Ubuntu 10.04 as code named Lucid Lynx. Lucid will scheduled for release in April 2010. This version is highly significant because it will be offered with long-term support (LTS). This means that security updates will be available […]

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Post Installation Guide

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala is Out . Download Now from Ubuntu Website. After Installation Just Tweak the ubuntu for more prettier performance. New installer, new artwork (themes, icons, wallpapers, login screen), ext4 filesystem, grub2, new software versions (Gnome 2.28.1, Firefox 3.5.3), the anticipated Software Center (instant access to thousands of […]