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jQuery Responsive Slider Plugin Skippr (3KB)

Skippr is a jQuery Responsive Slider plugin with fade effect. It is very light weight and easy to use. Skippr will create¬† responsive slide show with clean UI. Only 3kb (minified) the plugin is very light weight and easy to install and configure. The project is available in Github. How […]

jQuery Light Slider – Lightweight Responsive Content Slider

jQuery Light Slider is a very lightweight (5Kb) responsive image and content slider with lot of options for creating sliders, image galleries, news sliders etc.. It can be used to create beautiful image carousels and news sliders in responsive web pages. Image thumbnail options are also included with the slider. […]

Full Screen Jquery Slider with Hardware Acceleration – superslides.

Superslides is a nice jquery plugin with hardware acceleration. Superslides is compatible with the jQuery Animate Enhanced plugin. Simply include the js file and¬† it will automatically smooth out transitions using CSS instead of JavaScript. Superslides have options for auto play with slider timings and transition timings. It comes with […]

Jquery Slider with CSS3 Animation based image transitions Flux Slider

Flux slider is a nice jQuery image slider with css3 animation based framework. Flux slider utilizes the newer, more powerful CSS3 animation technology. By using CSS3 animations the performance of the slider is improved greatly. The slider is also compatable with Safari, Chrome, iOS, Blackberry Playbook, Firefox 4, Opera 11 […]

Full Width Responsive Image Slider with jQuery – Slippry

Slippry is a full width Responsive Image Slider with HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery. Slippry is created with latest jQuery functions, CSS3 tricks and HTML5 elements with gracefull downgrades for older browsers. It can be styled with Sass or CSS and has multiple transition options including Ken Burns effect. Detailed […]

Responsive Flexible jQuery Slider – SlideMe

SlideMe is a very nice solid jQuery Slider plugin with touch support. SlideMe supports fixed with and full screen views. The plugin can be used vertically or horizontally, makes use of CSS3 transitions and has support for pagination. There are methods to control the slider (prev, next..), callbacks for each […]

Responsive Touch Friendly Jquery Image Slider – Glide.js

Now a days a Responsive Touch Enabled image or content slider is an integral part of a professional HTML5 website. There are lot of jquery plugins are available for free. Flexslider, Responsive.js are some examples. Here come another tiny very simple super fast responsive jquery slider plugin glide.js. It has […]

Jquery Responsive Slider – iView Slider

Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin for image slider, image gallery, banner rotator with HTML5 transition support. Free Download Jquery Responsive slider.