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Ubuntu 12.04 Wallpaper Contest – Great Entries

The Precise Pangolin wallpaper content is going on. Lot of great wallpapers are posted into the contest. The Ubuntu team trying to make Precise Pangolin a Pixel Perfect Operating System. Here are some selections from the pool. The wallpapers selected by OMGUBUNTU Website. You can have a look at the […]

CodeIgniter Grocery CRUD Tutorial

From CodeIgniter 2.0 the Scaffolding is depricated. Developers are eagarly looking for a CRUD Library in CodeIgniter. Actually the CRUD generator will help the life of a developer easier. The Grocery CRUD Library for codeigniter will make the complete CRUD system with a few lines of code. This is a […]

Foundation – Web Framework with Jqurey Slider and Grid for Responsive Website Layouts

Foundation is an amazing and feature-rich  web framework for  prototyping and creating the production ready website. This framework is responsive, works smoothly on all major browsers including mobile browsers and released in open source License. It has styles for typography, links, lists, tables, buttons, forms with custom radio buttons, select […]

CSS Framework with Media Queries – Columnal

Columnal is a CSS grid system with lot of features integrated from other grid systems. The elastic grid system is borrowed from, while some code inspiration (and the idea for subcolumns) are taken from Columnal makes responsive web design  easier. It is a 1140px wide grid, but since […]

FuelPHP Released to 1.0

After nine months of work fuelphp 1.0 released. There has been a LOT of work that has culminated in 24,155 lines of code and nearly 40 people contributed to that. Just compare “codeigniter vs fuelphp” and get a “Getting Started with the Fuel PHP Framework” tutorial What is FUEL? Fuel […]

Top Android Applications for Smart Phone

Android 2.2 Froyo is Released in May 2010. The next release Gingerbread is planning on last of 2010. It includes WebM playback. Improved Copy-Paste and Social Netoworking Features. This version will support higer resolutions upto 1366×768. A wide variety of phones are coming with Android. From very low priced Samsung […]

Orkut Virus Bom Sabado is Gaining

Bom Sabado is a virus Affected in Orkut profile account. Basicaly it is a cookie stealing virus. It will send scraps to all the friends in the profile automatically. “Bom sabado” is a Portuguese world it means “Good Saturday” in English.Users are also advised not to open Orkut account until […]

Send Messages over Network – Gnome Popup Box Message

There are lot of great tools available in gnome to send messages over network or a local host computer . There are 3 Options 1.zenity – It will display a default ok box on the screen 2.notify-send -This will give a Popup box in the system tray 3. xmessage – […]


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