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Synchronizing Folders in Lan or Cloud using Syncthing

Now a days people are using various cloud storage services like google drive, dropbox, box, mega etc. People also using various kind of devices like android phones, ubuntu desktops, nexus tablets, chromebooks etc. Synchronizing Folders in Lan or Cloud are a real problem. The concept of synchronizing is a great idea. […]

Dronecode : Linux Based UAV Platform from Linux Foundation

Now a days linux is found in daily life everywhere. It is the most used platform world wide with help of android. Linux is used from Super Computers to Mars mission, from Avatar film to Raspberry Pi, From Smart TV to Watches etc. In all kind of cutting edge technology […]

Play Flappy Bird Online

Here is an online version of Flappy Bird. You can play online. And post your scores on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. “Don’t worry we are not going anywhere,”. “Play Flappy Bird online for free! No longer available in the app store.” But if you’re looking for a mobile gaming experience […]

Download and Install Flappy Bird on Android Phone

Flappy Bird, the verymuch addictive game in android and iOS is taken down by its developer from Google play store and apple app store now. Flappy Bird is now announced as dead. If you want to try flappy bird now then you cannot install directly from any of the app […]

Blender Movie Tears of Steel Download, Watch and share

Tears of Steel, the fourth short film from Blender Institute is released. The film is released with CC-By-SA license. You are free to download and Watch also make copies and distribute the film. The Premier of the film is scheduled on 28th September 2012 at Woodsbury University, hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood. […]

Blender VFX Film Tears of Steel Teaser

Blender Foundation‘s Mango project released the first teaser of the vfx film “Tears of Steel”. The concept of this film is science fiction in Amsterdam. Tears of Steel is blender foundation’s fourth short film project. This film take Blender to real live vfx into action. Also this project improves blender […]

How Linux is Built – Video from Linux Foundation

How Linux is Built. Who is using Linux. What is the role of Linux in TV. Lot of questions about linux. Now Linux Foundation explains how linux is built and how linux is working. Interesting Video   The process behind every linux kernel release. People who participating in the development […]

Open source PHP Spread Sheet Application – GelSheet

Free Open Source spreadsheet programme Gelsheet helps to create and edit spreadsheet files in many formats. It will run on stand alone or can plug to WordPress or Fengoffice. The application offers a desktop-like interface and capable of handling multiple documents with in-cell formulas, styling of content and exporting them […]

Steve Jobs – Described at His own golden words

Regardless of your opinion on Apple’s products, services and business approach, the impact Apple has had on technology under Steve’s vision will be felt for a long time to come. “Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could […]

Gnome 3.2 Released – Features and Updates

Gnome 3.2 Released on 28th September 2011. The new version includes lot of new features and bug fixes that criticized in gnome 3. Since the last version, 3.0, approximately 1270 people made about 38500 changes to GNOME. The Gnome 3.2 is based on GTK+3.2 and clutter toolkit 1.8 Online Accounts […]

Openshot 1.4 Released with New features, Effects, Transitions

    OpenShot, one of the most popular video editors for Linux has reached version 1.4, getting a many improvements and bug fixes: New video and audio effects New 3D animations New transitions Timeline improvements Powerful color correction and adjustments New keyboard shortcuts 15 new video profiles more stable video […]

Lightworks – Award winning NLE coming to linux

At last end of 2011 the award winning editing software “Light Works” coming into linux. Editshare, the company owned lightworks currently announced a free downloadable beta version of lightworks 10 for windows platform earlier this year. The stable release of the Non Linear video editor Lightworks will be available in […]