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[Solved] Green Border around Gimp Text – Bug with Fonts

Gimp is a fantastic Image editor and Photos manipulator in Linux. Gimp 2.8 introduced lot of great new features like single window mode etc.. There is a very bad Bug in Gimp 2.8 that is if you type a text in a colored surface or image then there is a […]

Animation Film from India created with Blender : Ranadheeran

  Blender Foundation is doing its first work on a full length feature film in Gooseberry project. Also Blender cloud is now active and lot of new content is avaialbe with blender cloud. In that respect, an open movie from India is also shaping up. Ranadheeran is a 3D film […]

Gimp 2.8.14 Released – Install on Ubuntu

A new update to Gimp 2.8, Opensource Photoshop alternative graphics programme, is released . The version Gimp 2.8.14 includes lot of bug fixes and some new features to the line. The Gimp 2.8 series was released in 2012 with lot of exciting features like single window mode, improved text editor, […]

Download The Gimp Magazine

The much awaited GIMP Magazine now released and available online. The first issue of GIMP Magazine contains more than 40 pages of tutorials of GIMP, GIMP Experiences, reviews, previews and photos created with GIMP. The GIMP Magazine is now available free download. There is an online version of the magazine […]

Gimp 2.8 Available Install on Ubuntu 12.04

GIMP – Gnu Image Manipulation Programme – Software behind GTK (GIMP Tool Kit) Version 2.8 Released. It was long two years development after the release of GIMP 2.6. The development is finished. The official announcement is on the official website Now GIMP 2.8 sources are available for download. The […]

Gnome 3.2 Released – Features and Updates

Gnome 3.2 Released on 28th September 2011. The new version includes lot of new features and bug fixes that criticized in gnome 3. Since the last version, 3.0, approximately 1270 people made about 38500 changes to GNOME. The Gnome 3.2 is based on GTK+3.2 and clutter toolkit 1.8 Online Accounts […]

Gimp 2.7.3 Released with New Features – Single Window Mode

The Gimp 2.7.3  has been released.. This is the third development release of gimp in its dev channel 2.7.x . The stable release will be 2.8 . This time it is almost production ready software with most anticipated features single window mode, on canvas text editing, active text widgets and […]

Essential Gimp Plugins for Web Development

Image via Wikipedia Gimp 2.8 is coming with Awesome features. Single window mode, Rotating Brushes, On canvas Editing, Calculation on variable boxes are great new features. But lot of people think that it is not as Professional as Photoshop. It is not true we can use Gimp for Pro  with […]