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Sony Vaio Touch Pad in Linux – Fedora and Ubuntu

I installed Fedora 13 on My Brand new Sony Vaio VPCEA32EN. From here the problem starts. My Touch pad is not Responding. System > Preferences > Mouse will show only Mouse. The Touchpad tab is missing. That is Fedora is not recognizing the Touchpad Completely. So Searching Starts. Lot of […]

Flickr Photos as your Wallpaper on Ubuntu and Fedora

You can set amazing flicker photos as your wallpaper automatically. A great programme ?called webilder will help you to do this. You can select wallpapers based on tags,users,interestingness etc … You can add as many albums as you want. A new photo set will download every day. Rotate wallpaper every […]

Bisigi Themes for Ubuntu 10.04, Fedora 13, Mandriva

Bisigi Project released 14 Great themes for ubuntu. The themes are applicable for any gnome desktop. In ubuntu you can directly install from ubuntu repositories. There are 14 different themes for Ubuntu 10.04 and all other linux distros specially Arch Linux, Frugalware, Mandriva. A stable version of Ubuntu Lucid repository […]

Fedora 13 Post Installation Guide

Update : For Fedora 14 Post Install Guide check the post Fedora 14 Fedora 13 is a great operating system. One drawback is it excluded the restricted packages like ffmpeg etc.. For activating a good mulitimedia system you need some additional packages. After installing the DVD You need some more […]

Fedora 13 USB Install Drive – Live USB Creation

Net tops are wiered things. They dont have CD/DVD Drives. Install Fedora 13 is the only way to use a USB Drive more than 4 GB. There are a set of tools for creating the fedora install drive. One way is install unetbootin and create a live USB drive. Other […]

Enable Compiz Fusion on Fedora 13

Now a days compiz is the star in linux desktops. Compiz gives you great effects. 3D desktop, Emerald window decorations, Menu and taskbar fade effects, Desktop screenlets etc are great. Install Compiz fusion in Fedora 13 To install Compiz fusion in Fedora 13 it is easy work. Open a terminal […]

Fedora 13 – Command Referance and Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

The Greatest and Latest Fedora Released. Fedora 13 codenamed Goddard and the theme concept as a rocket to the space. Feodora 13 includes New gnome and KDE Releases. Open Office 3.2 and New Collaborative sute. Here is a short command reference and cheat sheet for fedora users. This Cheat Sheet […]

fedora 13 – Goddard Coming

Fedora 13 Codenamed Goddard is coming. The release will be on May 2010. It has some really cool new features. I have jotted down some of my favourites in this article. boot.fedoraproject.org boot.fedoraproject.org (BFO) is one of the unique features in Fedora. This effort by Fedora community hopes to completely […]

Install Ruby on Rails in Fedora 12 – Ubuntu 9.10

“How to install ruby on rails in fedora 12 ?” or “how to install ruby on rails in ubuntu 9.10 ?” is a question now a days because the importance of RoR is getting high. Installing ruby on rails into Fedora 12 / Ubuntu 9.10 is not complicated task. In […]

How to create a screencast in Fedora or Ubuntu – Record My Desktop

Screencasts  of your desktop are very useful in demonstrating programs and for video tutorials. “recordMyDesktop” is a very easy to use tool for creating screencast under linux. By using recordMyDesktop you can record a widow or the whole desktop with a single click. You can save the video as ogv. […]

Enable Compiz Fusion on Fedora 12

Comiz fusion is a great tool for linux to enable 3d desktop and great visual effects. In fedora 12 lot of new effects and great tools are available with compiz fusion. A default package is included with the default distro by using that you can enable the 3d desktop and […]

Fedora 12 Install DVD to Your Yum Repo List

To add the install dvd media to yum list there is a small trick. The trick lies in the Yum Repos list, located in /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo Check it out. Normally you have three entries: Fedora, a Debug branch, and a Sources branch. The primary Fedora branch configs look something like this […]