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Bonfire – A ready to go Application Builder using CodeIgniter

Bonfire is a solid code base for starting a project in CodeIgniter, a powerfull framework for creating great PHP applications with lightning speed. Bonfire includes an elegent and customizable admin UI for every project. It also includes a module generator, by using this a developer can generate a database CRUD code from the scratch.

The project started by a CodeIgniter developer Lonnie Ezell in 2011. And  Bonfire does not intend to be a CMS. Instead, it strives to be the launching pad for a new application. The developer still have to code but this codebase will help to build a CodeIgniter Application within hours of time.

The installation is very simple. An installation script is included into the Bonfire Codebase. You can customize this installation script for your own applicaiton.

Bonfire is built over the modular extension HMVC.

Inside the admin panel there is a special area for developers. There you can controll the permissions for various CRUD operations. Also you can generate new modules for your new project.

Features of Bonfire

  • Ready to customize Admin Interface.
  • User Management with Role-Based Access Control.
  • Fully Modular codebase. Built around HMVC.
  • Database backup, migration, and maintenance.
  • Powerful, parent/child capable theme engine.
  • Simple Email Queue to keep your ISP happy.
  • UI-based module builder.

The project is in its early stages. The latest version is 0.21 RC. The current Bonfire uses CodeIgniter 2.0.1 and can be easly upgradable to 2.0.3 . You can get the source from GitHub.

Bonfire Tutorials

You can find video tutorials like Bonfire Overview, Installing Bonfire, ModuleBuilder Overview, Understanding Contexts in bonfire website

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