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Blender VFX Film Tears of Steel Teaser

Blender Foundation‘s Mango project released the first teaser of the vfx film “Tears of Steel”. The concept of this film is science fiction in Amsterdam. Tears of Steel is blender foundation’s fourth short film project. This film take Blender to real live vfx into action. Also this project improves blender in live motion creation.

Technical targets of Mango Project

  • Camera and motion tracking
  • Photo-realistic rendering
  • Improved color pipeline
  • Improve compositing, (video/vfx) editing, masking and grading
  • Fire/smoke/volumetrics & explosions
  • Fix the Blender deps-graph!

The film is completly produced using free softwares like Gimp, Inkscape, Mypaint, Krita and the main software is Blender. The new ‘Cycles’ render engine will be used, which includes open source projects like OpenShading, OpenColor and OpenImage. For camera and motion tracking Blender uses Libmv. For imaging and drawing we expect to use GIMP, MyPaint, Krita and Inkscape a lot. Render output and footage will be using the OpenEXR format. Scripting will be done in Python. Studio database storage will most likely be in SVN. The workstations in the studio will be equipped with 64 bits Ubuntu Linux. There is a native render farm this time, running on Debian and Ubuntu.

Also there is a well talented team for production CG and Vfx.

Watch the Tears of Steel Teaser


HD mp4 download/play: tears-of-steel_teaser.mp4

Visit the Tears of Steel website

Visit The Blender Foundation



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