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Blender Movie Tears of Steel Download, Watch and share

Tears of Steel, the fourth short film from Blender Institute is released. The film is released with CC-By-SA license. You are free to download and Watch also make copies and distribute the film. The Premier of the film is scheduled on 28th September 2012 at Woodsbury University, hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood. The film is available on Youtube and tearsofsteel.org

This movie showcase the full power of Blender, 3D Animation sute in Free Software. Blender has now state of art tools to make 3d and vfx for professional grade films.

Earlier, The Blender Institute has released three films, namely “Elephants Dream” (2006), “Big Buck Bunny” (2008) and “Sintel” (2010) .

The film has a duration of 12 minutes. According to a press release by Blender Institute:

The film’s premise is about a group of warriors and scientists, who gather at the “Oude Kerk” in
Amsterdam to stage a crucial event from the past, in a desperate attempt to rescue the world from destructive robots.

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Download mirrors, all files:
Kino3d.org – Italy    NLUUG – Netherlands

Download 1080p mkv torrent, or the 720p mkv torrent

Mirrors for 5.1 sound, stereo sound, all the png originals, etc. is coming too.

Watch the movie

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