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Amazing Wallpapers and Themes for Gnome – Ubuntu, Fedora

From webupd8 I got a new theme for gnome shell. When checking that on devientart I foud a guy  marked with pr09studio. In his gallery I found a whole lot of great Wallpapers and themes for your gnome . You can install these themes on ubuntu or fedora or Open suse or any other linux distro which support gtk themes.

He says that “He is Leo B. and he is an amateur graphic designer. His passions are graphic, logo  and wallpaper design”. You can contact him on his contact page.

and His wallpaper collection is great to look. You can download and use all the wallpapers for free.

Wallpapers for Ubuntu – Fedora – Gnome.

You can check the collection and devientart.

You can download the wallpapers from His website

Themes for Ubuntu – Fedora – Gnome

A total set of 6 awsome themes for ubuntu, fedora or any other linux distro is created by Leo.B. You can download the themes and use them for free. Installation instructions are included with each theme file.

Smart Light


Touch the Light


Smart Radiance

Smart Dark

All themes are comes with the wallpapers and backgrounds for panel and icons. Some icons are downloaded form gnomelook.

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