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Ajaxify Standard Forms Instantly – ALAJAX

Now a days Javascript frameworks like Jquery, Mootools are essential to every webdevelopment environment. The frameworks make javascript programming easier. It not only reduces the lines of custom code but also reduces the pressure on a programmer. Form validation and submission is a real headache for a user management and session management system.

To make work easier here is a plugin for Jquery called ALAJAX. It converts a standard form into Ajaxed form without much complex coding. Once inserted and the forms are defined, It blocks the default POST functionality, analyzes the input types used and sends them as an Ajax request. The code written and documented very well. And leaves some room for further customizations.


Features of ALAJAX

  • Converts forms into AJAX simply.
  • No programming background needed.
  • Works with Dynamic Forms (forms that is updated by Javascript)
  • Lightweight code (3KB uncompressed).
  • Easy to understand and to modify.
  • Cool for Developers, designers and website ownsers.

How to Use ALAJAX

  • Include the jQuery script to your webpage.
  • Include ALAJAX script. (<script src=”alajax.js”></script>)
  • Run the code by:
    $(document).ready(function (){
  • #ID could be The Form ID or DIV ID

Download ALAJAX


Tested on: IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Mobile browsers

ALAJAX Demo : http://www.freelancer-id.com/alajax-demo

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