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Admin Theme with Twitter Bootstrap – Charisma

Twitter bootstrap is a very nice framework from building resposive websites and templates. It reduces huge amount of development time for creating a responsive website that just works on all devices. Muhammad Usman made a nice Admin theme called Charisma based on Twitter bootstrap and jQuery UI. He released the theme on Apache 2.0 License. So you can use it for your next web project for free. Charisma comes with 9 different skins. Also it includes all the admin side functions like forms, graphs, realtime display, WYSIWYG Editor etc..

Features of Charisma Admin Skin

  • 9 different themes
  • Fully responsive, optimized UI for tablets and mobile phones
  • Based on Bootstrap, jQuery UI can be also used without hassle
  • HTML5 valid and CSS3, though compatible with HTML4, works on IE8+
  • Commented code
  • Custom product tour, see example
  • 1000+ icons, see icons (Glyphicons + Opa Library Icons)
  • Grid system, see example
  • Charts, including, pie, stack, flot, realtime etc.
  • Data tables
  • Widget boxes, collapsible, sortable, closable, see example
  • Gallery with fullscreen support, see example
  • Ajaxified menus
  • Full calendar, monthly weekly, daily, with todo list.
  • File manager, with create, view, delete, upload, compress and uncompress features
  • Custom error page
  • Auto active link detection and much more.

UI Elements

  • Autocomplete
  • Custom Tooltip
  • Popover
  • Star Rating
  • Toggle Switch
  • Tag Boxes
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Date Picker
  • Multiple File Upload
  • Slider
  • Dialog Box
  • Auto Growing Textarea
  • Ajax Loaders
  • Progress Bars
  • Alerts
  • Pop Notifications

View Live Demo of Charisma on the official website

Fork on GitHub

Download Charisma Web Admin Skin


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