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Actisku 3D Real time game on Web Browser without a Plugin


The web technologies are emerging now. Web GL is now capable of running Real Time 3D game on browsers. Anthony Liot  works for ACTISKU, creator of 3D real-time marketing solutions. He works with a 3D engine called Unigine. This engine was developed with multi-platform capability and is used in games, simulation, visualization and virtual reality systems and other projects including UNIGINE’s benchmarks (Heaven, Valley and others) and Oil Rush naval strategy game.

Simply using your browser, with no plugin required, you can take a look around this candle-lit Crypt developed by Unigine. The code, developed by Anthony Liot at ACTISKU, is written in JavaScript and uses WebGL. It can therefore be executed in all browsers which support WebGL.

Crypt, the name of the 3D demo. Crypt is a non-interactive benchmark that was designed to make sure that all of Unigine’s rendering engine is working on a new platform. This is a solid first step towards getting the full Engine ported over, we look forward to what the future holds for such 3D projects on the Web!

Check out this impressive 3D demo for Real time 3D on the web browser.

– Actisku – About the demo

– Unigine – About the 3D Gaming engine

ACTISKU and Unigine are sharing Anthony’s work with the public Download Now.

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