Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpapers Released. Download Supplementary Wallpapers

Ubuntu 14.10 Supplementary wallpaper contest winners are announced. The Ubuntu Community wallpapers are selected from the flickr group. The winning entries for Ubuntu 14.10 are available now.

Twelve Wallpapers are officially selected for the inclusion of Ubuntu 14.10 release. There are 400 images are submitted from various parts of the world for getting official inclusion in Ubuntu 14.10.

These are the selected wallpapers from 400 Entries. All Images are licensed as CC-BY-SA. So you can download and use on your own desktop.

You can download all these wallpapers in high quality from the link below:

Download Ubuntu 14.10 Default Wallpapers

If you want to get more beautiful wallpapers, why not take a look at all the entries in the wallpaper contest and pick your favourites .

Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper Entries

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