[Mysql Basic] Create Database Username Password Tables

Basic Commands of Mysql to create a database, create a table, create a user with password and give privilages to the table. These commands can be used in a Mariadb terminal without modification. Because Mariadb is compatible with Mysql also. Mysql command line is used for managing linux servers in remote hosting. These commands are …

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Web Based Mysql Administration Tool – Chive Released

Now a days phpmyadmin is using widly for managing mysql databases in almost all hosting environments.Think of an alternative ? Chive is an alternative tool for PhpMyadmin, it is a webbased MySQL database management tool. The web-based user interface supports most of the common operations needed by software developers and database admins in MySQL(databases, tables, …

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MySQL Change root Password

Setting up mysql password is one of the essential tasks. By default root user is MySQL admin account. Please note that the Linux / UNIX login root account for your operating system and MySQL root are different. They are separate and nothing to do with each other (indeed some admin removes root account and setup …

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