Things to do after Installing Ubuntu 12.10 for Perfect Desktop


Ubuntu 12.10 codenamed Quantal Quetzal is released. You can download ubuntu 12.10 from the official website There are lot of alternate download options like torrents are also available to download ubuntu 12.10. The standard CD image [700MB] is not available for ubuntu 12.10 because the size of ubuntu  disc image is 753M. The easiest way to install ubuntu 12.10 is just make a live usb install drive. Startup disk creator is…»

Install MATE Desktop in Fedora 17 and Ubuntu 12.04


MATE is the desktop environment forked from Gnome 2 desktop code. Gnome team discontinued the Gnome 2 desktop development in favour of gnome 3 and gnome shell. MATE is a familiar desktop environment because it looks and works like gnome 2. Many Gnome 2 users shifted to KDE or XFCE to avoid Gnome 3. But using MATE it is feeling home. MATE 1.2 comes with great improvement in code. All…»

Things to do after Installing Ubuntu 12.04 for perfect desktop


Here is a collection of activities an ubuntu user can follow after ubuntu, installing the most popular linux distro for a perfect desktop of all needs. Normaly there are lot of tools availble in open source domain for different tasks like video editing, audio composing, media center, live streaming, office work etc… The confusion is to choose the best tool that fits for a normal user. Now a days ubuntu…»

XBMC – Linux Media Center 11.0 Released Install on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04


New XBMC Media Center relelased. The Version XBMC 11 Codenamed Eden released with special features, Improvement in speed, Simple and Better Library, BluRay Support, Skin Improvements, Networking Support, AirPlay Support etc.. Updated Weather and Geoip lookup is a plus. XBMC 11 supports Apple TV and iOS. Updates in XBMC Media Center 11.0: addon rollbacks so you can install previous addons versions GPU video decoding on Linux to “some extent” for…»

Zorin OS 6 – A Linux Look like Windows 7, XP and Mac OS X


Zorin OS 6 is a linux distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Edition. The Zorin OS team released the “core”, “ultimate” and “business” editions. Zorin OS is developed with Windows users in mind. It looks and feels like Windows 7, Windows XP and also Mac OS X. The noticeable changes in this release which is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS are an all new Zorin Desktop environment, a redesigned software…»

Top Ten Linux Distributions to Replace Windows


In the world of linux there are lot of Distributions of linux to choose. A newcomer will really confused with these different distributions. Here you can find a brief description about top 10 linux distributions today. You can choose a distribution depending upon your needs like a studio,home user,network pc,web-hosting,net-book etc.. For every needs there is a linux distribution available in today’s world. Most linux distributions are free to choose…»

50 Places Where Linux is Running Successfully

This article is copied from . Not a single line changed. This needed for me as a reference and an answer to some people. It was not long ago when Microsoft Windows had a tight stranglehold on the operating system market. Walk into a Circuit City or Staples, it seemed, and virtually any computer you took home would be running the most current flavor of Windows. Ditto for computers…»