Things To Do After Installing ong>Ubuntuong> 14.04 LTS ong>forong> Perfect Desktop


ong>Ubuntuong> 14.04 LTS codenamed Trusty Tahr  released on 17th April 2014. Some things to do after installing ong>Ubuntuong> 14.04 LTS are given here. This is a quick Post Installation Guide ong>forong> ong>Ubuntuong> 14.04. Canonical focus on security, stability, speed and reliability insted of new features and new experiments in ong>Ubuntuong> 14.04 LTS. Because ong>Ubuntuong> 14.04 is a Long Term Support Edition. It gets official security updates  from Canonical ong>forong> next five years…»

Things to do after Installing ong>Ubuntuong> 12.10 ong>forong> Perfect Desktop


ong>Ubuntuong> 12.10 codenamed Quantal Quetzal is released. You can ong>downloadong> ong>ubuntuong> 12.10 from the official website ong>ubuntuong>.com. There are lot of alternate ong>downloadong> options like torrents are also available to ong>downloadong> ong>ubuntuong> 12.10. The standard CD image [700MB] is not available ong>forong> ong>ubuntuong> 12.10 because the size of ong>ubuntuong>  disc image is 753M. The easiest way to install ong>ubuntuong> 12.10 is just make a live usb install drive. Startup disk creator is…»

Things to do after Installing ong>Ubuntuong> 12.04 ong>forong> perfect desktop


Here is a collection of activities an ong>ubuntuong> user can follow after ong>ubuntuong>, installing the most popular linux distro ong>forong> a perfect desktop of all needs. Normaly there are lot of tools availble in open source domain ong>forong> different tasks like video editing, audio composing, media center, live streaming, office work etc… The confusion is to choose the best tool that fits ong>forong> a normal user. Now a days ong>ubuntuong>…»