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Mountain Shell – A Mountain Lion OSX Theme for Gnome Ubuntu and Fedora

Mountain Shellis a very nice Gnome Shell theme create by DzaDze. Mountain Shell theme brings the Mountain Lion OSX look and feel to gnome. The theme is minimalistic and provides maximum usability. This is nice theme for everyday usage. If you can combine this shell theme with Adwaita Cupertino GTK3 theme then that will bring great looks to Gnome shell.

This theme is working on Gnome 3.6 also. A modifled Adwaita Cupertino theme is provided with this theme.
Mountain Shell Includes:
– Minimalistic, simple, beautiful, elegant look
– New pane
– New switch ON/OF buttons
– OS X Mountain Lion Overview/Workspaces look
– Simple, fast, responsive, beautiful menu selection
– New arrow workspace switch
– New calendar current day selection

& some more new good looking elements.

Extra: GTK Theme [link]
(Adwaita Cupertino L modified by Me… and thx to Delta909 for the traffic lights).

to install this theme in ubuntu or fedora just extract the downloaded folder into /usr/share/themes/ or into ~/.themes/

Nice theme to change the look of the desktop to Mountain Lion Mac OSX .

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