Responsive Image Gallery Plugin – Row Grid


rowGrid is a lightweight jQuery plugin to display images in ordered rows with auto spacing and resizing. It is used to create nice looking image gallery. It helps creating beautifull responsive image gallery with jquery. It also support infinite scrolling…»

Mozilla introduces mozjpg helps reduce size of jpeg images


Mozilla introduces a new project called mozjpeg (Mozilla JPEG encoder/decoder project.) to provide a new production-quality JPEG encoder that helps to improve compression rates of jpeg images. Images are now integral part of every website in the internet. And the…»

Jquery WYSIWYG Editor – Froala

wysiwyg editor

froala is WYSIWYG Editor made with jquery. It offers inplace editing on a webpage with a dropdown menu to modify the text. No toolbar or title bar for the editor. Froala is cross plaform and cross browser so it works…»

Free Download Bootstrap Admin Themes


Bootstap admin themes are essential for a new web application project. It help the admin area make mobile ready. Lot of paid Bootstrap admin templates are available now. Free Bootstrap Admin Templates help to make nice looking web applications without…»

jQuery footnote plugin Bigfoot


Bigfoot is a nice jquery plugin to display footnotes inspired by Inspired by Instapaper.. It will display a dots symbol on footnote position and display footnotes on small popup. The script and default styles are built to work great on…»

jQuery Plugin for custom scroll bars : enscroll

enscroll jquery plugin

Enscroll is a jQuery plugin to replace conventional default browser scrollbars with nice looking one. Replacing scrollbars manualy is a tough process. Enscroll will help you to design overflow of content with nice looking scrollbars. With the enscroll jQuery plugin,…»

STICKY SOCIAL BAR with CSS3 Transitions


Sticky Social Bar is a very small simple Github project. It will create a social share bar on the left side or right side of your website. Every element in the social bar is animated with CSS3 Transitions. The project…»

HTML5 Chart plugin using Canvas – ChartJs


Chart.js is a beautiful Chart and Graph creating plugin using HTML5 Canvas element. It support 6 type of charts with one single javascript file. Chart.js is dependency free, lightweight (4.5k when minified and gzipped) and offers loads of customisation options. Chart…»