Ubuntu 15.10 Upcoming Features

UUbuntu 15.10 Default Wallpaperbuntu 15.10 Default Wallpaper

Ubuntu 15.10 “Wily Werewolf” is planned to release on 22nd October 2015. The upcoming Ubuntu will be based on Kernel 4.2.1. Ubuntu 15.10 will come with some exiting experiments. The Snappy Ubuntu Core, Unity 8 desktop and MIR display manager are the new technologies to ubuntu. The Ubuntu 16.04 will be based on Mir and Unity 8. Also there is big changes are coming to 15.10 and the next Long…»

[Solved] Green Border around Gimp Text – Bug with Fonts


Gimp is a fantastic Image editor and Photos manipulator in Linux. Gimp 2.8 introduced lot of great new features like single window mode etc.. There is a very bad Bug in Gimp 2.8 that is if you type a text in a colored surface or image then there is a greenish border appear around all the letters. If you change the font or resize the font but no effect on…»

Synchronizing Folders in Lan or Cloud using Syncthing


Now a days people are using various cloud storage services like google drive, dropbox, box, mega etc. People also using various kind of devices like android phones, ubuntu desktops, nexus tablets, chromebooks etc. Synchronizing files, folders, notes, documents with all these devices and cloud are a real problem. The concept of synchronizing is a great idea. You can continue work where you left of one device. But without proper synchronizing…»

Xposed Framework for Android 5 is now Available


Xposed is a great framework available for all android versions to allow deep system level customizations like fake locations, data restriction to various apps etc. Xposed requires no flashing of any android device, but brings lot of customization and tweaks called modules that a user can install and work like apps on rooted devices. An Alpha build of the framework is now available for Android 5 Lollipop. Developer of Xposed…»

Download Elementary OS ‘Freya’ Beta 2

Elementary OS

Elementary OS, the most beautiful linux desktop is getting its next version Freya. Elementary OS is built upon the codebase of Ubuntu and they are using their own desktop interface called pantheon. Elementary OS team now announces second beta of their upcoming release codenamed ‘Freya’. This beta is coming after six months from the first beta release. Current stable version of elementary os is Luna, which was based on Ubuntu…»

Free Whatsapp with Free Roaming world Wide – WhatSim


Whatsapp is the most used modern messaging system worldwide. The only drawback of whatsapp is that it need a data connection. If a user travel worldwide then the availablity of a data connection limited to the wifi available in the hotel. If you get a sim that is free on international roaming whatsapp is then it will be an awsome offer. Yes WhatSim is a special kind of sim card…»

Create a Windows Installer USB from ISO in Ubuntu 14.04, 14.10


WinUSB is a small software to create a windows installer USB disk from a Windows ISO file or a real DVD. WinUSB is avaiable in a GUI tool and a command line tool. So it very easy to create an installable USB disk of any windows OS from an ISO. It supports Windows Vista, Seven, 8 installer for any language and any version (home, pro…) and Windows PE. Install WinUSB…»

Fedora 21 Released. Download Workstation, Server and Cloud


Fedora, the cutting edge operating system using gnome as the default desktop released Fedora 21. The Fedora 21 is focused on more agile developement. It released a version for workstation(Desktop), Servers and Clouds. The three flavour help fedora to focus of specalized developemnt on each platform needs. Fedora 21 Workstation   Fedora 21 workstation comes with Gnome 3.14. This is the major Gnome version change after Gnome 3.10 in fedora…»

Download Android Apps APK Files from Google Play


Google play downloader is a simple application to Download Android apps install able apk files from google play to your computer. By downloading these apk files you can install it on your android phone without google play services and also distribute to other people. By using this it is possible to run an android system without a google play. Google play downloader will not allow you to download paid apps…»

Google’s Modular Phone Prototype Project Ara Booting


Google is showing its Modular Phone prototype in the upcoming Project Ara Conference in January 2015. Modular phone is a concept that anyone can build a smartphone with different independent modules like camera, processor, display etc.. In a newly released video shows a prototype of a device using Google’s Project Ara modular phone concept that’s being developed by a Boston-based contractor, NK Labs. The video was released on the same…»

Stream Youtube or Dailymotion in Ubuntu using Stream Studio


Stream Studio is a very nice video streaming application for Ubuntu, Linux, MS, Mac .It can Stream Youtube video in Ubuntu or Dailymotion video to the desktop. It is created with node-webkit and developed using web technologies like HTML5/JavaScipt/and CSS. There are plugins available for stream studio for other websites. It can be uses as a video player that can stream videos without a flash player or flash plugin. A user…»